2022 Educator Professional Development Grants: Application Form for Greater China

Google funds universities and educational nonprofits to provide professional development (PD) opportunities for local teachers. In Greater China, we have funded 196 grants to 59 organizations delivering Information Technology / Computer Science PD to K-12 teachers since 2011. Grantees are welcomed into a community and are supported to make their PD programs as effective and impactful as possible. We encourage grantees to share resources, best practices and engage with other partners to amplify their impact.

You must be affiliated with a university/college, K-12 school or educational nonprofit. Previous applicants are welcome to apply.

Funded applications will be measured as follows:

Funding varies by locations, workshop format, # of participants, etc.

Application deadline: March 20, 2022.


  1. Before submitting your application to us, please make sure your organization can accept funding from us and can issue an official receipt to us.
  2. The following application page will not be automatically saved. It is recommended that you go through all the questions first, save your answers in your local file and then fill in this form, to avoid loss of application information due to network instability.
  3. You can use Chinese to fill in this application. 您可以使用简体中文来提交您的申请。您可以使用繁體中文來提交您的申請。
  4. Please feel free to contact if you have any question. Thanks!

******Application Form as below******

Personal data as collected via this application may be used for research purposes, tracking trends, determining new program offerings, requesting funding, and purposes in connection thereto ("Purpose"). Completion and provision of demographic data is optional and they will not affect your application. The data submitted may be transferred to our affiliates or partners engaging in the business/activities for the Purpose as necessary. You may request access to or correction of your data by contacting

  • Your full name

  • Your role at your organization.

  • Please include country/area codes

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